Rights Society Criminal Justice Meeting Notes – 2/9/2018

Rights Society Criminal Justice Meeting Notes – 2/9/2018

Action items from last meeting:­

  • Sara to write update email and work with Alexander on survey
    • Update email was sent – Using SendInBlue
    • Survey is written – can be sent as soon as email situation is worked out
      • Review survey and get confirmation that it isn’t missing anything.
      • There was discussion regarding having 2 surveys?
        • Depending on the success of this survey we probably want to implement a simplified survey to send when people first sign up – as part of a welcome email?
        • We also have a survey we are working with PLAN on to distribute at their listening sessions to gather information on needs from the formerly incarcerated population
      • Add to survey – do people want to have phone access to meetings?
  • Kyle will work on member login for website
    • Sara has member login – Action: Get Jon access so he can assist in uploading agendas/meeting notes
  • Schedule event as a dedicated time to vet resources (not at a specific location)
    • This idea is on hold – we’ll wait and see if interest arises or if individual vetting is going ok as is
  • Create a plan for communications
    • Plan is created, report back from Kyle and Alexander and next steps


Criminal Justice

Update on Re-Entry Advocacy project

  • Debrief project meeting
    • Several people from PLAN (Leslie, Korey, Jagada, and Amanda) and RS (Sara, Jon, Denise, Kyle, Sam, and Victoria) were present.  The PLAN members are interested in assisting, including inviting us to pass out surveys at upcoming listening sessions for recently incarcerated people.
  • Status report on other re-entry programs
    • Victoria, Shalom, Jon, Sara
    • Victoria: A positive report on We Care Foundation and optimistic about Casa Grande; She will be setting up a meeting with them,  Sara would like to know what stage in the process the people in Casa Grande are in (pre-parole or parole?); Sara also has contacts with Casa Grande
    • Shalom: the first few links in the list were a bust but CASES in NYC looks to be an interesting network of resources
    • Sara: Homeboy Industries in LA – awesome model that started off getting people out of gangs.  They still do that work but it heavily overlaps with re-entry services.  LA friend vouched for them.  Sara is planning on taking a trip to LA at some point to network (tour Homeboy Industries, meet with experienced grant writer, connect with other re-entry programs, etc.)
  • Status report on resource vetting
    • Jonas, Nadia, Mark, Andre, Denise, Milena, Jordan, Ambra, Billie
    • Victoria added her vetting to the spreadsheet
    • Jordan’s vetting is done but we need to find out where because verified dates aren’t filled in (spreadsheet or somewhere else)
    • ACTION: DENISE: Follow up with the other persons regarding resource vetting
  • Discuss new actions
    • Victoria and Sara have discussed cross-referencing the information we collect with that from 2-1-1.  We’ll also want to cross ref with info from The Center and the NV CURE Resource Booklet
  • Andre: update on half-way house and meeting with JW from NV CURE
  • Sara: brief update from Sara on meeting with P&P and NV CURE monthly meeting
    • Parole and Probation – met with Lt. Brandon (P&P) and Mallory Triplett (Casa Grande).  They were open to working with re-entry advocates. So far they are mostly working with FIT, Hope for Prisoners, and Job Connect.  Lt. Brandon forwarded Sara an introduction to the director of the Day Reporting Center – Sara will be scheduling a tour
    • NV CURE is on board with helping us with re-entry advocacy in any way that they can.  They do have access to a large network of currently incarcerated people in NV.
  • Status update on BDR – exoneration research
    • Thank you to Victoria for filling in info on the exoneree spreadsheet
  • Discussion of other goals, projects, research the CJ team is interested in doing (BDRs, events, etc.)
    • ACTION: Sara: Follow up with Miriam regarding record sealing
    • Status of feminine products in NV prisons – Shalom to look into
    • What education is available to NV prisoners?


  • Kyle and Alexander: update on tech meeting
    • Goals:
      • Have a common email address that would use all of the Team Leaders as a group.
      • We are committing to Send In Blue for mass emails
  • Jon: Status report on project management plan

Update on coalition projects:

Update on MayDay planning

  • Next meeting is Wednesday the 14th – let Alex know if you want to attend
  • LVRMHC/Street Medics De-escalation Training
    • Alexander: Street Medics meeting Saturday the 10th
  • Radical Roundtable
    • Meeting is on Sunday–now up to 12 organizations

Open Discussion:

  • Discussion considering public webcast/phone-in for the meetings
  • Membership survey
    • Give Sierra and Victoria access to the folders
      • Specifically survey/survey feedback


  • Schedule Team Leader meeting
  • Kyle: Give website access to Jon so he can assist in uploading agendas/meeting notes
  • Denise: Follow up with the other persons regarding resource vetting – Done
  • Sara: Assign additional resources – Victoria and Jordan both offered to continue vetting
  • Sara: Follow up with Miriam regarding sealing records
  • Unassigned: Research what options NV inmates have for education (high school equivalency, college, trade, etc.)
  • ALL: Review survey questions and provide input by TUESDAY FEBRUARY 13th so that we can send out the survey email on Wednesday
  • Unassigned: Give Victoria and Sierra access to RS members folder – Done

Book Club

Next discussion will be February 25th.

Next book is “Hand To Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America” by Linda Tirado.




Thursday February 15th

Indie Lens Pop-up and Vegas PBS are hosting a free screening of the documentary Tell Them We Are Rising: The Story of Black Colleges and Universities along with live Q&A afterwards at Springs Preserve starting at 6pm


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