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Prioritization and protection of People.

Right to a system that prioritizes people’s health, safety, mental and physical wellbeing over corporations, money. Humans –
The right to be treated with compassion, empathy and to the equity necessary to achieve equality.

Protect earth.

Platform of Human Rights

1. Self-Reliance and Well-Being

Right to provide for yourself and your family to ensure a sustainable livelihood.

2. Heirloom Seed, Agriculture, Food, and Water

Access to factually labeled food, clean water, and heirloom seed.
The ability to cultivate your own land and realize the benefit of that land.

3. Education

Free quality education for all, in whatever form an individual chooses to pursue.

4. Knowledge and Information

Access to knowledge and information, including freedom of investigation, expression and dissemination of ideas.

5. Governance for and by the People


6. Conventional and Alternative Healthcare

The right to physical and mental health care and to refuse same

7. Equal Rights for All

Respect and honor diversity. Support and respect the self-identification of all people.


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