Mental Health Meeting Notes 9/12/17

Attendees: Gina, Denise, Sara Bartel, Mark, Kenia (Therapist, Budget Documents, Report Cards, Works at the Prison), Masumi (Social Student), Alex (Student of Psychology studying organizations, now a jeweler), Lori (Behavioral Specialist), Amber, Shalom, Sue, Trayshawn, Amari Booker (All Shades United), Shay

Denise shared an update on the upcoming healthcare conference:


We’re working with Healthcare Now for their national convention.  RS will be doing multiple mental health panels on Friday September 29th from 10am-6pm as part of the conference.


  • Pharma/ Addiction/ Alternative forms of care/ Marijuana
  • Incarceration and mental health
  • PTSD/ Suicide Prevention/Vets/Violence survivors
  • Autism, behavioral health, education (Lori can be a backup for presenters)


Mental Health – Friday

Single Payer – Saturday

Activism – Sunday


Cost to attend is $65.  There will be scholarships available.  They are also looking for volunteers.


If anyone has recommendations for people who would be interested in being panelists please send their contact email to us through Facebook or the Rights Society website (


Treshawn talked about All Shades U’s initiatives

Also the 29th they will be doing an event called Whites Against Racism in conjunction with SURJ (Showing up for Racial Justice) from 7-8:30pm 3616 E. Lake Mead Blvd

Lean on Me Project – they go out into the community and provide food and supplies for people without homes

Community Thanksgiving event will be coming up


Alex talked about his personal experiences and observations from growing up in a very low income neighborhood.  His feeling is that the biggest determining factor he’s seen on whether people go to prison or take a more “positive” path  is having community support networks in place.


Shay shared information she found from an organization (Well Care) that is working on similar issues in Reno.  Action: track down and get in contact with this organization – Sara will work on getting contact info (Marce Casal CEO) and Shay will follow up.


Kenia talked about legislation related to mental health.  172 federal bills pending that relate to mental health. They are using broad definitions to define mental illness (which is good because more people will get access to care).


Quick update/review of the mental health districting and the boards.  The application is open to anyone.  It is posted on our facebook if you want to put in an application.  These board members will have a good deal of control over the direction of these districts including budget.


Denise and Mark have been looking into alternative court treatment for drug offenders in other states.  Glouchester, Indiana, Buffalo.


Rhode Island usage of Vivitrol as an alternative sentencing program.  Rise program in Nevada.  There is no IRB (institutional review board) in Nevada.


Because this is a federal grant we could file a FOIA request to get the actual data that is being provided by the state. Action: Alex will look into FOIA request


Action: Kenia will do more research into the Rise program


Denise discussed the program that’s working in Dixon Illinois:

Dixon worked with PAARI (Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative) that partnered people with addiction support services.  Action: Mark will do more research into this program and Denise will try to get in contact with Dixon police.


October is domestic violence awareness month.  Start thinking about who would be interested in working on our next PSA.


November – Lupus walk

Additional Action Items:


  • Look into Mental Health Court (Heidi made mistake at end of campaign and costed her election; court may be affected; Civil Commitment Hearings – Institutionalized at the request of someone else; you lose liberty and have to go through same process as if you’d committed a crime)




  • Find out more about ABC (Assistance in Breaking the Cycle) and the Henderson Police Department




  • Does anyone have a contact at insurance provider who’d be willing to talk to us?




  • Find journalists who have worked on mental health articles and would be interested in working on this topic




  • Bring a mental health professional, provider or patient to the next meeting




  • Send us your recommendations for potential speakers for Mental Health Panels



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