Mental Health Meeting Notes – 2/2/2018

Action items from last meeting:




  • Update on CSRT/CAN
  • Debrief Women’s March Rally
    • Denise: Event had a national and local team, and was a campaign kickoff for “Power to the Polls”.  It is understood that the local team registered many new voters at the event.
    • Sam: There were 60 new email signups and interest and some even from out-of-state.
  • Update on  potential for ongoing donation drives
    • Paperback book drive for inmates is on a donation schedule, rotating through various prisons
    • Shalom: For a fundraiser, use shirts, once we have a complete stock
  • Update on Nevada’s Marriage and Family Board
    • The director and interim director are no longer working for the board.  There is only one person now on the board.  This board governs Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) & Licensed Professional Counselors.
    • In 2016, Medicaid changed how they reimburse for these services.  This was not made known to counselors, and was not fully established until 2017.  There is a risk of Medicaid not being accepted, or the loss of professionals providing services.  The MPA has asked Rights Society to do a campaign on this.
    • They are writing a statement to be released in the press this week.  The campaign we implement should start soon, so we can initiate the discussion, and use a multiple-media approach. (Press release, PSA, Twitter, etc.)
    • We will collaborate to use similar wording, points, etc.
  • ***BRANCH***
    • Change of Intent due to pressing issue–Focus on the MFB issue.
    • Panel Activity under consideration.
    • Venue & Date consideration
      • Suggestion: UNLV, due to familiarity and professional environment
      • Advertising Flyer
      • Press Release formatted for local news
    • Target Audiences:
      • Mental Health Professionals (primary)
      • General affected public (notified)
    • Action Item: Denise — contact the correct organizations and determine the best day of the week for such an event
    • Commits:
      • Sierra–interpersonal engagement
      • Shalom–Day of event planning
      • Gina–Editing statements and PRs
      • Denise–Planner, Speaker organizer
      • Alexander–Co-planner
      • Billie–Rover
      • Sara–Day of support; planning support
      • Victoria–Branding, marketing publicity Action: Denise will establish Thunderclap for Victoria to activate
      • Sue–Reach out to UNLV for venue  Action: Denise will send Sue information for UNLV to use for required support
      • Kyle–Branding, marketing, imagery and photography, create PSA, lead concept for video and development
      • Sam–assist Kyle
      • Valessa–Social, Comm, Day of event
      • Sabrina–Communications & PR
      • Andrew–Spread-the-word, social communications
      • Ambra–Support Kyle
      • Action: Denise will email Mel about PBS involvement
    • Shalom will be the PR POC
    • WHAT: Objective: Influence and pressure to get Medicaid reimbursement changed, in order to improve the access to and efficacy of mental health treatment in Nevada, working title, “Repairing Mental Health-Nevada”
    • Next meetings
      • 7 Feb – 7 pm at Sara’s house – the Criminal Justice Breakout meeting
      • 8 Feb – 6 pm at Alex’s house – the Mental Health Breakout
      • Week of 12 Feb, TBD, Technical Comms Breakout (Team Leaders)
    • (9 Feb): Criminal Justice meeting upcoming
  • Update on BDRs
  • Planning for Mental Health Panels
    • Topics
      • Autism/Behavioral Health/Education
      • Suicide/PTSD/Violence Survivors/Veterans
      • Incarceration and Mental Health
      • Pharmaceuticals, Opioids, Cannabis, and Addiction
      • Law enforcement and judiciary
      • LGBTQIA2+
      • Panel including leaders from local resources (LVRMHC, NAMI, Icarus Project, Hearing Voices, etc.)
    • Locations
      • The Center
      • Nevada State College
      • Greenspun Hall at UNLV
        • Nadia knows an event coordinator at UNLV
      • CSN
    • Time Frame
      • 6 months?
      • Limit to one day of programing
    • Advertising
      • Radio shows/Podcasts
      • Flyering


Open Discussion:



  • Interest in scheduling a new meeting for technical communications


Team updates:

  • Update on Criminal Justice
    • Meeting with NDOC and P&P
    • Re-entry advocacy
    • Vegas Liberation Fund – Mother’s day bail out
  • Update on Education
  • Book Club








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