Mental Health Meeting Notes 12/22/2017

Two new attendees – Chief and Victoria


Action items from last meeting:

  • Action: Still looking for people interested in going through the CAN training – Next orientation is January 4th – If you can’t make it to orientation that’s ok – we can fast track you 😉
  • Action: Kyle, Sam, and Melodie to distribute donations from warm clothing drive on Saturday




  • Update on CSRT/CAN
    • Next Orientation – January 4th at 6pm at The Center
    • Denise gave an overview of the background and how this program and collaboration
  • Discussion of the Lambda lunch with presentation by Metro
    • LEAD program – Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion
    • Idea is to train police in advocacy and give them the authority to divert minor drug offenses to programs instead of jail
    • Some problems that Denise brought up directly to Officer Ruis:
      • If officers are given discretion they are going to abuse it – there needs to be objective criteria
      • If they are only getting one pass it’s not going to do anything
  • Discussion of the upcoming Women’s March
    • Denise is acting as the Chair of the Youth Engagement Committee
      • Denise will need help with volunteers and specific projects
    • They are actively addressing the problems that came up surrounding intersectionality in the first Women’s March
    • They want to make sure security isn’t (or at least doesn’t come off as) militarized
  • Discussion on Rights Society activities surrounding voter registrations
    • It’s not necessarily an initiative of RS but we do want to inform and empower people to vote (especially in primaries)
    • Focus more on why it is important to vote in non-presidential elections and what the issues are
    • PSA or some other informational campaign


  • Update on BDRs
    • Denise has updates on contacts
      • Nelson still won’t talk to us
    • Trauma/mental health training for law enforcement
    • Mandatory requirements regarding involuntary holds to protect patients
      • Melodie has contacts with counselors who may be interested in talking to us
      • Can we get in contact with the insurance lobbyist and find out if this is on their radar as a problem
      • Are there any patient advocacy groups
    • Official standards for maintaining the patient-to-professional ratio in Nevada
  • Update on research on homeless and mentally ill population
    • Tabled for future discussion
  • Read through AB366 (Mental Health redistricting)
    • Tabled for future discussion


  • Discussion and commitment to community service action for January


Team updates:




  • Friday December 29th
    • Rights Society Education meeting – 7pm at Grouchy John’s
  • Saturday December 30th
    • Berner meet and greet – 7pm at The Eliphino Dive and Dine


January 11th at 5:30pm  – Understanding the Opioid Network screening and panel – through PBS – Nicholas Horn theater at CSN

Note for Kyle – give Sara access so I can pin the notes in the group page?

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