Education and Organizational Meeting Notes 1/19/2018

Action items from last meeting:

  • Need for a calendar so that people can see what events are upcoming and what actions need to be completed
  • Need to create a better plan for communications – consistent posting of notes, agendas posted prior to meetings, monthly or biweekly updates,  more contact on action items, etc.
    • Discussion of how to keep in contact with the group and assign tasks
      • Facebook group
      • Website – with log-in
      • Bulletin board
      • Try to set expectations that when there is an ask everyone will at least respond one way or the other  ,
    • John is stepping up to act as Secretary/Co-program manager
    • We also need someone focused on communications content – social media, blog, news releases
    • Alexander brought up the idea of having members make a write up of themselves
    • Action: For the next update – also add a small survey that asks everyone what other orgs they are involved with, what projects they are most interested in, what their skills are, and any projects/issues they want to focus on, preferred method of contact, any suggestions for how we improve our meetings
    • Prioritize tasks so that action items don’t pile up and become overwhelming
    • Alexander suggested adding project updates in the agenda so that people can catch up before the meeting
      • Also break out project/team meetings that then report back to general meetings
    • Alexander is volunteering to lead Education but not until March
    • Andre suggested that at the end of each meeting we go around the table and commit to do some action for the next meeting.
  • Discussion of whether we are going to schedule just CJ and MH


  • CJ Resource Document
    • Jonas
    • Nadia
    • Mark
    • Andre




  • Update on goals and projects
    • Mental Health panels – questions we need to answer
      • Goals for the panel
      • Decide on scope so that we can figure out how long we need to plan
      • Decide whether we want to include legislative action
      • What other actions do we want to see come from this
      • Is this going to be a single event or a continuing
        • Ask people in the industry what they are lacking
        • Bring in speakers with progressive policies
        • Educate community about what they can do to be supportive
      • Do we want to do this in two steps?  One panel at the end of April (Mental Health Awareness month) and then full symposium in the fall
    • Brainstorming from last meeting:
      • Topics
        • Autism/Behavioral Health/Education
        • Suicide/PTSD/Violence Survivors/Veterans
        • Incarceration and Mental Health
        • Pharmaceuticals, Opioids, Cannabis, and Addiction
        • Law enforcement and judiciary
        • LGBTQIA2+
        • Panel including leaders from local resources (LVRMHC, NAMI, Icarus Project, Hearing Voices, etc.)
      • Locations
        • The Center
        • Nevada State College
        • Greenspun Hall at UNLV
          • Nadia knows an event coordinator at UNLV
        • CSN
      • Time Frame
        • 6 months?
        • Limit to one day of programing
      • Advertising
        • Radio shows/Podcasts
        • Flyering
    • Criminal Justice reentry advocacy
    • Plan for concrete goals and actions for Education team along with division of labor
  • Update on outstanding actions
    • Mental Health
    • Criminal Justice
    • Education
    • Organization
  • Plan for communication – Website? Facebook page and group? Updates/Newsletter?
  • Add details to our member roster: individual strengths, associated organizations, etc.


Open Discussion:


LaDon introduced himself and his wife Shalonda – they have a developmentally disabled child so they are very interested in the mental health team.  Shalonda works for CCSD and sees a lot of needs that are lacking for services.  




Team updates:





Saturday January 20th

    • Wolf-PAC meet-up at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (on Maryland pkwy across from UNLV) from 1-3pm
    • 2nd Annual Las Vegas March to Reclaim King’s Radical Legacy at 2:30pm hosted by Stretch Sanders and ASU at the MLK statue 2428 N Martin Luther King Blvd


  • Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective meeting at Transcending the Gender Box from 6-8pm



Sunday January 21st


  • Women’s March Anniversary: Power to the Polls from 10am-4pm at Sam Boyd Stadium



Wednesday/Thursday January 24-25th

  • Homeless Census will take place January 24-25 from 10pm-4am (urban) and January 25th from 7:30am-2:30pm (youth).  Sign up at the link below:


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