Criminal Justice Reform Team Meeting November 3, 2017

Action items from last meeting


  • Action: research how Thunderclap works and how we may want to utilize it.
  • Action: research other prison systems and how they prioritize rehabilitation over punishment
  • Action: research what retailers are using prison labor – info campaign and/or PSA



  • Update and assign tasks for Parole Backlog PSA
    • Action: Sara will be talking to Martinez who was held past parole
    • Action: Transitional living housing list – will need to be vetted – Denise
    • Action: Contact lawyers in other states who are working on parole backlog issues – April Elliott and Stephen Hampton (see links below)
    • Action: Research what counts as sex offender crimes in Nevada
  • What projects are we still actively working on?
    • PAARI?
    • PLAN/Mass Liberation
      • Sara/Denise to reach out to Leslie
    • Vivitrol?
      • Continue research:
        • Action: Research Second Chance Act Grant
        • Action: Research Vivitrol programs in other states
  • Short term and long term goals?
  • Short term goals:
    • Parole Backlog
      • What is holding up release?
      • What resources are available?
      • Synthesize into PSA and/or article
    • Update Website
      • Calendar
      • Content
  • Long term goals:
      • Secure a space for RS
      • Get a blog active


Attorneys in other states working on prisoners held past parole:


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