Criminal Justice Reform Team Meeting January 5, 2018

Action items from last meeting


  • Action: Re-Entry resource List
  • Action: research halfway house licensing requirements – how much legislative control is there over this?

City Regulations for Transitional Living


State Application for Recovering Alcohol and Drug Abuse Housing


Andre to do further research

Resource List Link:


  • Action: Research Second Chance Act Grant
    • The program provides funding to expand substance use disorder treatment and related recovery and reentry services.


    • The NRRC was established by the Second Chance Act (Public Law 110-199). Signed into law in 2008, the Second Chance Act authorizes federal grants to government agencies and nonprofit organizations to provide reentry services—including employment assistance, substance use treatment, housing, family programming, mentoring, victims support, and other services—and to support corrections and supervision practices that aim to reduce recidivism.




  • Brainstorm what we want to focus on for 2018 in CJ
    • Reentry advocacy?
      • Link up with NV CURE
    • Innocence claims?
    • Public information campaigns?
      • Skype visits instead of in person visits
  • Coalition events
    • NRML – having an event where they are going to help people with marijuana offenses to get their record sealed
    • PLAN decarceration project
      • Townhall with orgs who are being impacted


  • BDRs
    • I’d like for the CJ team to make it a long term task to work on a compensation statute.  With the recent exonerations here in NV it might be a good time to push this issue.
      • Actions for this BDR
        • Research Nevada exonerations
          • How many have there been?
          • How long were the sentences/how much time was served?
          • Was there compensation paid out?  If so, how much and was it after a lawsuit?
          • What were the contributing factors to the conviction (eyewitness identification, jailhouse informant, ineffective assistance of counsel, police and/or prosecutorial misconduct, false confession, faulty science or conflicting expert testimony, etc.)
          • Link to Google sheet for this info:
        • Networking with NV Bar (Sara), UNLV, and victims groups
        • Research on legislators who may be sympathetic
        • Review info from PA (Sara)
    • Open to working on or supporting other BDRs or finding other ways to support the BDR initiatives we discussed (especially licensing restrictions for halfway houses)


  • General:
    • Keep sharing Go Fund Me
      • Brainstorm how to push this
      • Did donation issue get fixed?
    • January Community service project – Women’s March?
      • HIstory of women in power and how it changes policy
      • Brainstorm ideas for engagement
        • Personal stories about strong women in our lives
        • Quotes from women in politics
        • Shalom – Seven Sisters Org
  • Announcements:
    • Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective – Saturday 6pm at Transcending the Gender Box
    • Art making party for the MLK parade for Nevada Desert Experience – 10am at 1420 W Bartlett Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89106
    • I am Not Your Negro PBS screening – Tuesday 6pm


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