Criminal Justice Reform Team Meeting December 15, 2017

Action items from last meeting


  • Action: research other prison systems and how they prioritize rehabilitation over punishment.
    • Australia
    • Iceland
    • Sweden
    • Norway – Restorative Justice (retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, rehabilitation, restoration)
  • Action: research what retailers are using prison labor – info campaign and/or PSA
  • Action: Re-Entry resource List (Sara to send 5 resources to vet to each person below)
    • Lori
    • Sam
  • Action: Research Second Chance Act Grant
  • Action: Research Vivitrol programs in other states – Shalom
  • Action: Research what is defined as a “sex offense” in NV – Shalom



  • Update and assign tasks for Parole Backlog PSA/Project
    • Resource document
  • Information from the Lamba lunch
    • L.E.A.D. Program – Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion
    • Under the direction of Sgt. Braden Schrag – Speaker was Officer Lissette “Lis” Ruiz with the Office of Community Engagement
    • designed to address low-level/nonviolent, opioid offenders, and incorporates harm-reductions strategies. LEAD offers an alternative to incarceration through multidisciplinary collaboration.
    • Original launch date was supposed to be April 1 but it’s going to be pushed back
  • Collaboration with NV CURE
    • Thank you for Christmas cards
    • Write up on Rights Society in the next newsletter
    • Sara’s meeting with NDOC Director Dzurenda
  • BDRs
    • Compensation statute for Wrongful convictions; Revised sex offenders statuses; Mandated mental health training for police; Hep C
    • Legislation specifically being pushed by Dzurenda:
      • Reducing barriers to licensing new half-way houses
        • Action: research licensing requirements – how much legislative control is there over this
      • Accelerated re-entry for nonviolent offenders serving 2 years or less
      • Prohibit moving inmates to out of state prisons
      • Corrections to SB268 which requires proof of identity before issuing prison ID  
        • Action: Research this bill and what led to it
      • Allow good time accrual by people who are not able to work because of medical/ADA issues
      • Create a separate process for transitional parole which bypasses the parole board and allows for administrative review
        • Action: look at Connecticut laws
      • Allow home confinement with wrap around services for DUI offenders who are being incarcerated
    • Info to be provided to Sara from meeting with John Rago
      • Action: Network with CJ section of NV bar, UNLV, and Victims groups


  • General:
    • Keep sharing Go Fund Me
    • Share winter clothing drive flyer – only a few days left (ends 19th) – need to decide on distribution location
  • Announcements:
    • Our Revolution mixer at Rocky’s immediately after RS meeting
    • LVRMHC Meeting – 6pm at Transcending the Gender Box
    • RS Book Club – Sunday 17th at 11am at Denise’s house
    • Happy Hour fundraiser for Amy Vilela Tuesday December 19th at 6pm at Velveteen Rabbit
    • RS Mental Health – Friday December 22nd at 7pm
    • Donation Drop off – Saturday December 23rd


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