Criminal Justice Meeting Notes 1/26/2018

Action items from last meeting:


  • Create event calendar
    • Alexander has a template for public calendars
    • May want to also create an RS dedicated through our own g-suite
  • Create a plan for communications
  • Action: For the next update – also add a small survey that asks everyone what other orgs they are involved with, what projects they are most interested in, what their skills are, and any projects/issues they want to focus on, preferred method of contact, any suggestions for how we improve our meetings
  • Action: research halfway house licensing requirements – how much legislative control is there over this? Andre to research.
    • Andre working on developing a business plan to open a halfway house.  Will have more of an update next meeting after discussing with JW from NV CURE.

City Regulations for Transitional Living


State Application for Recovering Alcohol and Drug Abuse Housing

  • CJ Resource Document updates
    • Jonas
    • Nadia
    • Mark
    • Andre




  • Update on goals and projects
    • Re-entry Advocacy program
      • Alexander suggested creating a facebook event for a set time to vet resources
      • Goal is to have at least 3 trained advocates who can assist people who are released (or about to be released) with what to expect and how to navigate re-entry
      • We will need to familiarize ourselves with existing resources
        • Creating and maintaining a thorough resource document
        • Creating and maintaining working relationships with organizations who provide resources
      • Research on other re-entry advocacy programs
      • Brainstorm what else we need to do to get this started
        • PO Box
        • Burner phones for advocates
        • Miriam suggested that she wants to focus on sealing records and restoring voting rights.  Says records can be sealed within 30-90 days.  Pierson center meetings to have records sealed.  Support legislation that makes sealing records and restoring voting rights easier.
        • Denise talked about NRML and their 4/20 push to do record sealings – We need to network with the lawyers we already have on board
        • Denise estimates that the average inmate will need $3000 in their first month out (fines, services, housing, etc.)
        • Alexander brought up partnering with workers coops
        • Jon wants to form a project plan for this effort
          • Key participants
          • Milestones


  • BDR (long term)
  • Update on coalition projects
    • Vegas Freedom Fund
      • Video explanation will be coming sometime this week
    • Book drive for NV CURE
      • Ongoing donations needed – flyer will be socialized this week
    • LVRMHC/Street Medics De-escalation Training  (grant to train civilians on de-escalating police interactions)
      • Alexander to share event for people who are interested
    • Alexander’s surprise project 🙂
      • Six reports on state of affairs called the Radical Roundtable
      • 10 orgs representing 150 members
    • Ambra to talk about Wellcare – “New Hope Motel” contact
      • Reached out to contact from post Terese made in Facebook group
      • Providing resources for unhoused people
      • 80 people max
      • They act as caseworkers
      • They want to add more activities so if anyone wants to teach a class (1 hour month commitment) can be as simple as help reading, writing checks, setting up an email account, etc.


Open Discussion:


  • Miriam discussed that if you are not honorably discharged by parole/probation officer you will never be eligible for records sealing.  Record sealing and expungement are different.  Sealed records can be unsealed.
  • Kyle is studying convictions for marijuana and how the black population is still being disproportionately targeted
  • Report on 2007-2009 statistics of Marijuana Arrest
  • Kyle wants to collaborate on an article on what it takes to go from prison to the outside



  • Schedule break out meeting for tech/website
  • Sara to make sure Jon is onboarded
  • Sara to write update email and work with Alexander on survey
  • Kyle will work on member login for website – can this just be a password protected section?  Or do we actually have to have individual member accounts?
  • Andre will update on halfway house meeting with JW
  • Resource spreadsheet
    • Denise
    • Milena
    • Ambra
    • Jordan
    • Billie
  • Sara to email and add to spreadsheet (done); Denise will follow up to make sure people are completing
  • Schedule Re-entry breakout meeting (done)
    • Victoria
    • Milena
    • Alexander
    • Denise
    • Sara
    • Jon
    • Andre
  • Schedule event as a dedicated time to vet resources (not at a specific location)
  • Jon to create rough project plan which we will discuss during breakout meeting


Team updates:




Saturday January 27th

    • Mixed Minds book club will be January 27th at Denise’s house


  • Downwinder’s Day vigil for the survivors of US nuclear weapons tests 1pm at the Nevada Nuclear Test Site carpoolers can meet at Nevada Desert Experience (1420 W Bartlett Ave, Las Vegas) at 11:30.



Monday January 29th

  • CCSD Special Board Meeting – Gender Diverse Student Policy at Valley High School 2839 Burnham Ave 89169 from 6pm-9pm


Wednesday January 31st


  • NV CURE monthly meeting at the Law Office of Gallian, Welker & Beckstrom 540 E. St. Louis Ave 89104 at 6:30pm
  • Our Revolution first general meeting at the Enterprise Library from 6pm-8pm



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