Mental Health Meeting Notes – 2/2/2018

Action items from last meeting:




  • Update on CSRT/CAN
  • Debrief Women’s March Rally
    • Denise: Event had a national and local team, and was a campaign kickoff for “Power to the Polls”.  It is understood that the local team registered many new voters at the event.
    • Sam: There were 60 new email signups and interest and some even from out-of-state.
  • Update on  potential for ongoing donation drives
    • Paperback book drive for inmates is on a donation schedule, rotating through various prisons
    • Shalom: For a fundraiser, use shirts, once we have a complete stock
  • Update on Nevada’s Marriage and Family Board
    • The director and interim director are no longer working for the board.  There is only one person now on the board.  This board governs Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) & Licensed Professional Counselors.
    • In 2016, Medicaid changed how they reimburse for these services.  This was not made known to counselors, and was not fully established until 2017.  There is a risk of Medicaid not being accepted, or the loss of professionals providing services.  The MPA has asked Rights Society to do a campaign on this.
    • They are writing a statement to be released in the press this week.  The campaign we implement should start soon, so we can initiate the discussion, and use a multiple-media approach. (Press release, PSA, Twitter, etc.)
    • We will collaborate to use similar wording, points, etc.
  • ***BRANCH***
    • Change of Intent due to pressing issue–Focus on the MFB issue.
    • Panel Activity under consideration.
    • Venue & Date consideration
      • Suggestion: UNLV, due to familiarity and professional environment
      • Advertising Flyer
      • Press Release formatted for local news
    • Target Audiences:
      • Mental Health Professionals (primary)
      • General affected public (notified)
    • Action Item: Denise — contact the correct organizations and determine the best day of the week for such an event
    • Commits:
      • Sierra–interpersonal engagement
      • Shalom–Day of event planning
      • Gina–Editing statements and PRs
      • Denise–Planner, Speaker organizer
      • Alexander–Co-planner
      • Billie–Rover
      • Sara–Day of support; planning support
      • Victoria–Branding, marketing publicity Action: Denise will establish Thunderclap for Victoria to activate
      • Sue–Reach out to UNLV for venue  Action: Denise will send Sue information for UNLV to use for required support
      • Kyle–Branding, marketing, imagery and photography, create PSA, lead concept for video and development
      • Sam–assist Kyle
      • Valessa–Social, Comm, Day of event
      • Sabrina–Communications & PR
      • Andrew–Spread-the-word, social communications
      • Ambra–Support Kyle
      • Action: Denise will email Mel about PBS involvement
    • Shalom will be the PR POC
    • WHAT: Objective: Influence and pressure to get Medicaid reimbursement changed, in order to improve the access to and efficacy of mental health treatment in Nevada, working title, “Repairing Mental Health-Nevada”
    • Next meetings
      • 7 Feb – 7 pm at Sara’s house – the Criminal Justice Breakout meeting
      • 8 Feb – 6 pm at Alex’s house – the Mental Health Breakout
      • Week of 12 Feb, TBD, Technical Comms Breakout (Team Leaders)
    • (9 Feb): Criminal Justice meeting upcoming
  • Update on BDRs
  • Planning for Mental Health Panels
    • Topics
      • Autism/Behavioral Health/Education
      • Suicide/PTSD/Violence Survivors/Veterans
      • Incarceration and Mental Health
      • Pharmaceuticals, Opioids, Cannabis, and Addiction
      • Law enforcement and judiciary
      • LGBTQIA2+
      • Panel including leaders from local resources (LVRMHC, NAMI, Icarus Project, Hearing Voices, etc.)
    • Locations
      • The Center
      • Nevada State College
      • Greenspun Hall at UNLV
        • Nadia knows an event coordinator at UNLV
      • CSN
    • Time Frame
      • 6 months?
      • Limit to one day of programing
    • Advertising
      • Radio shows/Podcasts
      • Flyering


Open Discussion:



  • Interest in scheduling a new meeting for technical communications


Team updates:

  • Update on Criminal Justice
    • Meeting with NDOC and P&P
    • Re-entry advocacy
    • Vegas Liberation Fund – Mother’s day bail out
  • Update on Education
  • Book Club








Mental Health Meeting Notes 1/12/2018

Action items from last meeting:

  • None




  • Update on CSRT/CAN
    • First training is underway
    • Andre, Sara, and Denise are attending the Tuesday daytime sessions
    • Two tracks right now: Tuesdays from 9am-5pm starting January 9 and ending February 13th; Thursdays and Fridays 5:30pm-9pm plus Saturdays 10am-6pm starting January 18th and ending February 3rd.
    • Upon graduation you will have a certification as an advocate
    • No fee but they are asking for a commitment of 5 volunteer hours per week for six months (this requirement is flexible)
  • Discussion of the upcoming Women’s March Rally
    • Denise will be requesting volunteers – reach out to Denise if you want to help
    • Engagement actions planned for Tuesday through Friday
    • Rights Society will have a table at the event
  • Discussion of potential for ongoing donation drives
    • Alexander has a contact that has a large amount of donated clothing that needs help sorting, cleaning and distributing
    • Can we plan an RS event to assist with this?
    • Maddy has a contact with St. Jude’s Women’s Auxiliary – they collect lost and found from major businesses – they are usually open to helping out other organizations
  • Discussion Nevada’s Marriage and Family Board
    • Board has moved locations and lost several key staff
    • Planned on being closed for a month because of relocation.  Now they are saying it will be another month before they reopen
    • Psychological professionals are now in limbo because there is no activity in regards to paperwork being done by the board (renewals, applications, etc.)
    • One professional told Denise that they applied for licensure 3 months ago and have not heard anything from the board since.
  • Update on BDRs
    • Denise has calls/meetings scheduled next month
  • Planning for Mental Health Panels
    • Topics
      • Autism/Behavioral Health/Education
      • Suicide/PTSD/Violence Survivors/Veterans
      • Incarceration and Mental Health
      • Pharmaceuticals, Opioids, Cannabis, and Addiction
      • Law enforcement and judiciary
      • LGBTQIA2+
      • Panel including leaders from local resources (LVRMHC, NAMI, Icarus Project, Hearing Voices, etc.)
    • Locations
      • The Center
      • Nevada State College
      • Greenspun Hall at UNLV
        • Nadia knows an event coordinator at UNLV
      • CSN
    • Time Frame
      • 6 months?
      • Limit to one day of programing
    • Advertising
      • Radio shows/Podcasts
      • Flyering


Open Discussion:


Nadia explained that she was interested in us specifically because of community action.  She would like to see agendas and newsletters so that she can tell what’s going on.  


Shalom mentioned that it has been difficult to adjust to the three week schedule.  Maybe break out meetings between community action and politics/legislative.


Alexander would like to start focusing in education in the next few months.


Jonas suggested that we could bring in more people by focusing meetings on single issues.


Sara brought up taking a vote for who is interested in legislation vs. community action.  Also, alternate weeks between CJ and MH with a little time set aside for EDU at least until we have an official EDU team leader and concrete goals.



  • Need for a calendar so that people can see what events are upcoming and what actions need to be completed
  • Need to create a better plan for communications – consistent posting of notes, agendas posted prior to meetings, monthly or biweekly updates,  more contact on action items, etc.


Team updates:





Saturday January 13th –

  • Nevada Desert Experience is having an art making party to help create their float for the MLK day parade from 10am – 5pm Address: 418 Arnold St. 89106
  • Food Not Bombs needs help setting up and serving vegetarian lunch in Molasky Park at noon – vegetarian food dishes are also appreciated


Monday January 15th

  • MLK Parade
  • Women’s March sign making party at the Las Vegas Indian Center from 4:30 – 7:30pm


Tuesday January 16th


Wednesday January 17th

  • Stonewall Democratic Club monthly general meeting with guests Steve Sisolak and Hermon Farahi from 6-8pm at The Center


Thursday January 18th

  • Training for the Homeless Census three different time slots: 8-9am, 12-1pm, or 5:45-6:45pm at Clark County Social Service 1600 Pinto Lane.  The census itself will take place January 24-25 from 10pm-4am (urban) and January 25th from 7:30am-2:30pm (youth).  Sign up at the link below:


Friday January 19th

  • Rights Society Education meeting from 7-9pm at Grouchy John’s


Saturday January 20th

    • Wolf-PAC meet-up at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (on Maryland pkwy across from UNLV) from 1-3pm
    • 2nd Annual Las Vegas March to Reclaim King’s Radical Legacy at 2:30pm hosted by Stretch Sanders and ASU at the MLK statue 2428 N Martin Luther King Blvd


  • Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective meeting at Transcending the Gender Box from 6-8pm



Sunday January 21st


  • Women’s March Anniversary: Power to the Polls from 10am-4pm at Sam Boyd Stadium



Mental Health Meeting Notes 12/22/2017

Two new attendees – Chief and Victoria


Action items from last meeting:

  • Action: Still looking for people interested in going through the CAN training – Next orientation is January 4th – If you can’t make it to orientation that’s ok – we can fast track you 😉
  • Action: Kyle, Sam, and Melodie to distribute donations from warm clothing drive on Saturday




  • Update on CSRT/CAN
    • Next Orientation – January 4th at 6pm at The Center
    • Denise gave an overview of the background and how this program and collaboration
  • Discussion of the Lambda lunch with presentation by Metro
    • LEAD program – Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion
    • Idea is to train police in advocacy and give them the authority to divert minor drug offenses to programs instead of jail
    • Some problems that Denise brought up directly to Officer Ruis:
      • If officers are given discretion they are going to abuse it – there needs to be objective criteria
      • If they are only getting one pass it’s not going to do anything
  • Discussion of the upcoming Women’s March
    • Denise is acting as the Chair of the Youth Engagement Committee
      • Denise will need help with volunteers and specific projects
    • They are actively addressing the problems that came up surrounding intersectionality in the first Women’s March
    • They want to make sure security isn’t (or at least doesn’t come off as) militarized
  • Discussion on Rights Society activities surrounding voter registrations
    • It’s not necessarily an initiative of RS but we do want to inform and empower people to vote (especially in primaries)
    • Focus more on why it is important to vote in non-presidential elections and what the issues are
    • PSA or some other informational campaign


  • Update on BDRs
    • Denise has updates on contacts
      • Nelson still won’t talk to us
    • Trauma/mental health training for law enforcement
    • Mandatory requirements regarding involuntary holds to protect patients
      • Melodie has contacts with counselors who may be interested in talking to us
      • Can we get in contact with the insurance lobbyist and find out if this is on their radar as a problem
      • Are there any patient advocacy groups
    • Official standards for maintaining the patient-to-professional ratio in Nevada
  • Update on research on homeless and mentally ill population
    • Tabled for future discussion
  • Read through AB366 (Mental Health redistricting)
    • Tabled for future discussion


  • Discussion and commitment to community service action for January


Team updates:




  • Friday December 29th
    • Rights Society Education meeting – 7pm at Grouchy John’s
  • Saturday December 30th
    • Berner meet and greet – 7pm at The Eliphino Dive and Dine


January 11th at 5:30pm  – Understanding the Opioid Network screening and panel – through PBS – Nicholas Horn theater at CSN

Note for Kyle – give Sara access so I can pin the notes in the group page?

Mental Health Meeting Notes 12/01/2017

Action items from last meeting:

  • Action: Get in touch with Sara, Denise, or Alexander if you want to volunteer or if you know someone who is interested send them our contact info
  • Action: Review the redistricting bill – follow up on boards
  • Action: Research on what percentage of homeless people are mentally ill
  • Action: Research on Utah’s program and how they started it.  Did Utah do a census?  If so, how?
  • Action: We need help adding to and vetting resources on the Re-Entry Assistance spreadsheet






  • BDR Discussion – We would like to work on one for each team
      • CJ Ideas:
        • Compensation for wrongful convictions
        • Revised sex offenders statuses;
        • Mandated mental health training for police
        • Institute PAARI program
      • Education Ideas:
        • Pot tax for education;
        • Ending or funding Common Core;
        • Split up school board;
        • Reduced testing requirement
        • Changing requirements for serving on the school board
      • Mental Health Ideas:
        • Adjust the reciprocity rules so that licensing is easier (maybe not a legislative issue);
        • Mandated ratios for mental health professionals to patients
        • 1997 Dana Clements – Shay’s family submitted a bill that did not pass related to mental illness.  Required that people who were released from mental health programs have follow up to make sure that they are maintaining their medications or safely transitioning off of medication. Sponsored by senator Regan.  Action: look up the bill and see if it’s something we’d want to reintroduce
        • Institute a mental health court system
        • Statutory protection for people admitted to a hospital under a psychiatric hold – time frame



Team updates:

  • Update on Criminal Justice
    • Collaboration with NV Cure
      • Parole Backlog PSA
    • Resource Document
      • Action: We still need help adding to and vetting resources on the spreadsheet
        • Sara is going to be assigning resources 5-10 at a time.  Does anyone want to commit to researching a small block?
  • Update on Education
  • Book Club
    • First one was a success.  Next discussion will be December 17th.
    • Next book is “How We Get Free: Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective”.  It’s 200 pages so it shouldn’t be too hard to read in 16 days.
    • “The Combahee River Collective, a path-breaking group of radical black feminists, was one of the most important organizations to develop out of the antiracist and women’s liberation movements of the 1960s and 70s. In this collection of essays and interviews edited by activist-scholar Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, founding members of the organization and contemporary activists reflect on the legacy of its contributions to Black feminism and its impact on today’s struggles.”




  • Thursday December 7th
    • Net Neutrality protest by Team Internet 11:30 at Verizon Headquarters Corporate Verizon store: 3825 S Maryland Pkwy Las Vegas NV 89119


Mental Health Meeting Notes 11/10/2017

Action items from last meeting:


Action: Alexander to get in touch with the Helpful Hoodlums

Action: CSRT – Alexander, Denise, and Sara will add our availability to the calendar

Action: CSRT – Set up meeting with Holly at The Center

Action: Denise to create event/group for book club


All actions were completed! (Calendar updates will be ongoing)




  • Update on Alexander’s meeting with Dustin from the Helpful Hoodlums
    • They have two main initiatives
      • Resources for the homeless (food, supplies, etc.)
      • Providing art supplies and musical instruments to youth (under 18) along with mentorship and tutoring
  • Update on CSRT and meeting with Holly
    • The Center received a grant that runs till June
    • Must train 60 people and serve 100
    • Their program will run during Center open hours
    • We will be working directly with Holly and AJ to create the program
    • Goal is that in June they are able to get the grant renewed and increased which will allow us to share funding for 24 hour access
    • We are reviewing Holly’s materials and will be meeting with her again on Nov 20th
  • Update on CSRT volunteers and scheduling
    • How to create and share google calendars
    • Action: Get in touch with Sara, Denise, or Alexander if you want to volunteer or if you know someone who is interested send them our contact info
  • Discussion and commitment to community service action for November
    • Trans Day of Remembrance
    • Qvolution Youth Thanksgiving
      • Qvolution days for button making?  Or December.
      • Ask Nicol about kids helping to clean up
    • Food Not Bombs
      • Feed the homeless
      • Three Square?
      • ACRC – trying to work with groceries
    • Shay is Volunteer Outreach for Our Revolution – she will probably need volunteers for Trans Day of Remembrance activities
    • Other suggestions?
  • Ideas for community service in December
    • Michael brought up the idea of doing some kind of holiday event (maybe even on Christmas) for people who don’t have friends or family
    • Green the World – services for children
  • Kyle brought up the mental health districting
    • Action: Review the redistricting bill – follow up on boards
  • Michael brought up shooting in Texas and how these incidents lead to more stigma on mental illness
  • Shay brought up the idea of trying to find existing research or create our own research on what percentage of homeless people are mentally ill
    • Action: Does this research exist?  If not, how do we collect it?
    • Desert Hope may be a resource to reach out to for direction. Additionally, you could reach out to the organization responsible for including the homeless in the Census. Street Teens I believe is one that was involved in that program once upon a time. -Alexander
  • Billie brought up Utah’s system for homeless and drug addicted population – tiny homes
    • Action: Do some research on this.  Did Utah do a census?  If so, how?


Team updates:

  • Update on Criminal Justice
    • Letter writing for NV Cure
      • Billie and Shalom want to do a letter – Action for Sara – email William
    • Parole Backlog PSA
    • Resource Document
      • Action: We need help adding to and vetting resources on the spreadsheet
        • Sara can share the spreadsheet with anyone who is interested in helping
    • Josiah has a friend currently in prison
      • He should be out in May
      • He’s being used to fight fires
  • Update on Education
    • Kyle’s running for Governor!
    • MJ tax PSA progress
    • Small meeting but the idea of tutoring program was reintroduced









Put skills to use


Direct requests for assistance


Agenda for round table:


Formalizing local toolkit for organizing (meetings, organizing, recruitment)


Agenda for rs:


Vote on direction, vision, and structure, large meeting


Criminal justice:


Vetting resources for reentry, exit is isolated and hopeless


MLK Parade float 50 avec Ming at 8am for Nevada Desert Experience

Mental Health Meeting Notes 10/19/2017

Domestic violence PSA put off till next year or later


Discussion about community service opportunities for this month and next

  • October – Pride Parade, maybe Food Not Bombs
  • November – Trans Pride and Day of remembrance, Button making with Qvolution


Action: Alex to get in touch with the Helpful Hoodlums


Update on TIP (existing program) and our trauma advocacy efforts


  • Working on filling out and vetting the resource document
  • The Calendar for volunteers is active – need to train people how to use it
  • Action: Alex, Denise, and Sara will add our availability to the calendar
  • We can have space at the Paradise Rec center – we just need to schedule 2 weeks out
  • The LGBTQ Center got a grant for a trauma advocacy program with training
    • We would like to talk to them about how we can assist and/or partner with them
    • Alex is available MTW after 4pm – Sara will try to set up a meeting with Holly
    • We will need a marketing plan to make sure the scope is wide and we can reach everyone who needs assistance
  • We should be thinking about how to communicate that this is not only for intense crisis or trauma events – it can just be someone needing a safe space to talk
  • We’re also building a relationship with the Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective
  • Overall goal is to build community
  • Denise went over the Day as a Trauma Support Advocate document


Denise is starting a book club!

    • There will be a google group
    • Group suggestions:
      • Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson
      • 1984 by George Orwell
      • People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn
      • The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida
      • The Psychopath Whisperer by Kent A. Kiehl
      • Rise of the Warrior Cop by Radley Balko
      • We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver


  • I Am Not Your Negro by James Baldwin – winner for November – we will meet to discuss late November – we’ll probably show the movie and do a potluck – Sunday early afternoon


    • Granny Made Me an Anarchist by Stuart Christie
    • Neurotribes by Steve Silberman
    • Healing Dramas and Clinical Plots by Cheryl Mattingly
    • A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
  • Action: Denise to create event/group


Discussion about community gardens

  • Green our planet – gardens in schools
  • Guerilla gardening
  • Alexander may have a contact with a space


Criminal Justice Reform update:

Sara talked to John from Nevada Cure – they are very interested in working with us on mail and the parole PSA – Sara will be calling John to discuss further


Education update:

PSA on where the marijuana tax is going is being filmed tomorrow


Mental Health Meeting Notes 9/12/17

Attendees: Gina, Denise, Sara Bartel, Mark, Kenia (Therapist, Budget Documents, Report Cards, Works at the Prison), Masumi (Social Student), Alex (Student of Psychology studying organizations, now a jeweler), Lori (Behavioral Specialist), Amber, Shalom, Sue, Trayshawn, Amari Booker (All Shades United), Shay

Denise shared an update on the upcoming healthcare conference:


We’re working with Healthcare Now for their national convention.  RS will be doing multiple mental health panels on Friday September 29th from 10am-6pm as part of the conference.


  • Pharma/ Addiction/ Alternative forms of care/ Marijuana
  • Incarceration and mental health
  • PTSD/ Suicide Prevention/Vets/Violence survivors
  • Autism, behavioral health, education (Lori can be a backup for presenters)


Mental Health – Friday

Single Payer – Saturday

Activism – Sunday


Cost to attend is $65.  There will be scholarships available.  They are also looking for volunteers.


If anyone has recommendations for people who would be interested in being panelists please send their contact email to us through Facebook or the Rights Society website (


Treshawn talked about All Shades U’s initiatives

Also the 29th they will be doing an event called Whites Against Racism in conjunction with SURJ (Showing up for Racial Justice) from 7-8:30pm 3616 E. Lake Mead Blvd

Lean on Me Project – they go out into the community and provide food and supplies for people without homes

Community Thanksgiving event will be coming up


Alex talked about his personal experiences and observations from growing up in a very low income neighborhood.  His feeling is that the biggest determining factor he’s seen on whether people go to prison or take a more “positive” path  is having community support networks in place.


Shay shared information she found from an organization (Well Care) that is working on similar issues in Reno.  Action: track down and get in contact with this organization – Sara will work on getting contact info (Marce Casal CEO) and Shay will follow up.


Kenia talked about legislation related to mental health.  172 federal bills pending that relate to mental health. They are using broad definitions to define mental illness (which is good because more people will get access to care).


Quick update/review of the mental health districting and the boards.  The application is open to anyone.  It is posted on our facebook if you want to put in an application.  These board members will have a good deal of control over the direction of these districts including budget.


Denise and Mark have been looking into alternative court treatment for drug offenders in other states.  Glouchester, Indiana, Buffalo.


Rhode Island usage of Vivitrol as an alternative sentencing program.  Rise program in Nevada.  There is no IRB (institutional review board) in Nevada.


Because this is a federal grant we could file a FOIA request to get the actual data that is being provided by the state. Action: Alex will look into FOIA request


Action: Kenia will do more research into the Rise program


Denise discussed the program that’s working in Dixon Illinois:

Dixon worked with PAARI (Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative) that partnered people with addiction support services.  Action: Mark will do more research into this program and Denise will try to get in contact with Dixon police.


October is domestic violence awareness month.  Start thinking about who would be interested in working on our next PSA.


November – Lupus walk

Additional Action Items:


  • Look into Mental Health Court (Heidi made mistake at end of campaign and costed her election; court may be affected; Civil Commitment Hearings – Institutionalized at the request of someone else; you lose liberty and have to go through same process as if you’d committed a crime)




  • Find out more about ABC (Assistance in Breaking the Cycle) and the Henderson Police Department




  • Does anyone have a contact at insurance provider who’d be willing to talk to us?




  • Find journalists who have worked on mental health articles and would be interested in working on this topic




  • Bring a mental health professional, provider or patient to the next meeting




  • Send us your recommendations for potential speakers for Mental Health Panels