Education and Organizational Meeting Notes 1/19/2018

Action items from last meeting: Need for a calendar so that people can see what events are upcoming and what actions need to be completed Need to create a better plan for communications – consistent posting of notes, agendas posted prior to meetings, monthly or biweekly updates,  more contact on action items, etc. Discussion of … Continue reading Education and Organizational Meeting Notes 1/19/2018

Education Meeting Notes 10/27/2018

Alexander’s meeting with Helpful Hoodlums They have two main initiatives Resources for the homeless (food, supplies, etc.) Providing art supplies and musical instruments to youth (under 18) along with mentorship and tutoring   Mentioned Street teens:   Discussion of the tutoring program we discussed over the summer Incorporation with Safe Key How to get … Continue reading Education Meeting Notes 10/27/2018

Education Meeting October 6, 2017

Debrief on the trauma support advocacy work Sara, Denise, and Alexander have been doing:   We’ve been working out of The Center this week offering peer counseling and advocacy.  Next week we will be offering services on an on-call basis.  We have 10 volunteers that will be training via conference call on Saturday and would … Continue reading Education Meeting October 6, 2017