Education and Organizational Meeting Notes 1/19/2018

Action items from last meeting:

  • Need for a calendar so that people can see what events are upcoming and what actions need to be completed
  • Need to create a better plan for communications – consistent posting of notes, agendas posted prior to meetings, monthly or biweekly updates,  more contact on action items, etc.
    • Discussion of how to keep in contact with the group and assign tasks
      • Facebook group
      • Website – with log-in
      • Bulletin board
      • Try to set expectations that when there is an ask everyone will at least respond one way or the other  ,
    • John is stepping up to act as Secretary/Co-program manager
    • We also need someone focused on communications content – social media, blog, news releases
    • Alexander brought up the idea of having members make a write up of themselves
    • Action: For the next update – also add a small survey that asks everyone what other orgs they are involved with, what projects they are most interested in, what their skills are, and any projects/issues they want to focus on, preferred method of contact, any suggestions for how we improve our meetings
    • Prioritize tasks so that action items don’t pile up and become overwhelming
    • Alexander suggested adding project updates in the agenda so that people can catch up before the meeting
      • Also break out project/team meetings that then report back to general meetings
    • Alexander is volunteering to lead Education but not until March
    • Andre suggested that at the end of each meeting we go around the table and commit to do some action for the next meeting.
  • Discussion of whether we are going to schedule just CJ and MH


  • CJ Resource Document
    • Jonas
    • Nadia
    • Mark
    • Andre




  • Update on goals and projects
    • Mental Health panels – questions we need to answer
      • Goals for the panel
      • Decide on scope so that we can figure out how long we need to plan
      • Decide whether we want to include legislative action
      • What other actions do we want to see come from this
      • Is this going to be a single event or a continuing
        • Ask people in the industry what they are lacking
        • Bring in speakers with progressive policies
        • Educate community about what they can do to be supportive
      • Do we want to do this in two steps?  One panel at the end of April (Mental Health Awareness month) and then full symposium in the fall
    • Brainstorming from last meeting:
      • Topics
        • Autism/Behavioral Health/Education
        • Suicide/PTSD/Violence Survivors/Veterans
        • Incarceration and Mental Health
        • Pharmaceuticals, Opioids, Cannabis, and Addiction
        • Law enforcement and judiciary
        • LGBTQIA2+
        • Panel including leaders from local resources (LVRMHC, NAMI, Icarus Project, Hearing Voices, etc.)
      • Locations
        • The Center
        • Nevada State College
        • Greenspun Hall at UNLV
          • Nadia knows an event coordinator at UNLV
        • CSN
      • Time Frame
        • 6 months?
        • Limit to one day of programing
      • Advertising
        • Radio shows/Podcasts
        • Flyering
    • Criminal Justice reentry advocacy
    • Plan for concrete goals and actions for Education team along with division of labor
  • Update on outstanding actions
    • Mental Health
    • Criminal Justice
    • Education
    • Organization
  • Plan for communication – Website? Facebook page and group? Updates/Newsletter?
  • Add details to our member roster: individual strengths, associated organizations, etc.


Open Discussion:


LaDon introduced himself and his wife Shalonda – they have a developmentally disabled child so they are very interested in the mental health team.  Shalonda works for CCSD and sees a lot of needs that are lacking for services.  




Team updates:





Saturday January 20th

    • Wolf-PAC meet-up at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (on Maryland pkwy across from UNLV) from 1-3pm
    • 2nd Annual Las Vegas March to Reclaim King’s Radical Legacy at 2:30pm hosted by Stretch Sanders and ASU at the MLK statue 2428 N Martin Luther King Blvd


  • Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective meeting at Transcending the Gender Box from 6-8pm



Sunday January 21st


  • Women’s March Anniversary: Power to the Polls from 10am-4pm at Sam Boyd Stadium



Wednesday/Thursday January 24-25th

  • Homeless Census will take place January 24-25 from 10pm-4am (urban) and January 25th from 7:30am-2:30pm (youth).  Sign up at the link below:


Education Meeting Notes 10/27/2018

Alexander’s meeting with Helpful Hoodlums

  • They have two main initiatives
    • Resources for the homeless (food, supplies, etc.)
    • Providing art supplies and musical instruments to youth (under 18) along with mentorship and tutoring


Mentioned Street teens:


Discussion of the tutoring program we discussed over the summer

  • Incorporation with Safe Key
  • How to get tutors?  Source volunteers directly from the community.
  • Best practices: one on one, child directed
  • Alex mentioned his work with Americorps – Leaders In Training (connected with Teach for America) – Founder Erica Mosca
  • Alexander talked about how even when there are existing programs they are not always accessible – he wants to create a comprehensive plan
    • Networking with existing organizations
    • Developing explicit battle plan:
      • What does success look like?
      • What steps need to be taken to get there?
      • What is the first step?
    • Tutoring, cooperative and collaborative education, life skills, making these self sufficient within communities


Mental Health update:

  • Community Support Response Team
    • Coalition – Sin City Sanity
      • Rights Society
      • Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective


Criminal Justice update:

  • Alexander – emphasis on community engagement
    • Develop a map of who the organizations in the space are and what they provide
    • Establish personal contacts
    • Documentation
  • Action: Develop a detailed plan for what success looks like and how we get there


  • Parole PSA and Nevada CURE – Sara talked about a call she had with John from Nevada CURE
    • John (president of NV Cure) wants to start a halfway house
      • 20 acres in Pahrump – wants to provide 90 beds for 90 days
      • He has a re-entry coordinator who is going to write a business plan for him
      • He has shared a contact who he personally helped when they were held past parole
      • He also shared names of two attorneys who are involved in similar work in Colorado
    • Should we reach out to Michael Martin (article below)?  He is still High Desert State Prison despite his parole being granted in 2014.
    • Action: Compile a list of halfway houses in Nevada and start calling them to determine:
      • Cost
      • Number of beds/waitlist
      • Requirements


Google spreadsheet for housing information:


Google Doc for parole backlog PSA planning:–r8-tkLtY/edit?usp=sharing


    • PLAN – Participatory Defense Team
      • PLAN has funding that is to be used generally for combating “mass incarceration”


Action: Make a list of local organizations that we want to work with and leader contact info – then plan a meeting so that we can all get to know each other and share our projects


Education Meeting October 6, 2017

Debrief on the trauma support advocacy work Sara, Denise, and Alexander have been doing:


We’ve been working out of The Center this week offering peer counseling and advocacy.  Next week we will be offering services on an on-call basis.  We have 10 volunteers that will be training via conference call on Saturday and would like to follow up with an in person training sometime next week. We are looking for a place to hold this training.


Right now we are focused on immediate need because of the shooting but we want this to continue and be something that is always available to the community.  We will need more volunteers to make this a reality.


Action – What we need now:

  • Publicize our existence on social media
  • Share our info with potential volunteers
  • Send Sara or Denise any places you find that are actively seeking donations or volunteers
  • If you have time to vet resources (calling and getting up to date information) we can add you to the resource document


Education discussion


Kyle called the governor’s office for information on the marijuana tax and was told they don’t have the information.  We’re still working on on marijuana tax PSA script (roughly 1 minute 30 seconds)


Action: research on the history of the marijuana ballot question and legislation.

  • Where is 15% wholesale cultivation tax going?
  • Where is the 10% retail tax going?
  • Reach out to NPR reporter who reported that the tax was going to the rainy day fund?




Text of ballot question, explanation, and digest (starting on page 13):


Shall the Nevada Revised Statutes be amended to allow a person, 21 years old or older, to purchase, cultivate, possess, or consume a certain amount of marijuana or concentrated marijuana, as well as manufacture, possess, use, transport, purchase, distribute, or sell marijuana paraphernalia; impose a 15 percent excise tax on wholesale sales of marijuana; require the regulation and licensing of marijuana cultivators, testing facilities, distributors, suppliers, and retailers; and provide for certain criminal penalties?


No [23]



Question 2 proposes to amend the Nevada Revised Statutes to add several new sections that would require the Department of Taxation to regulate and administer the operation of facilities that cultivate, produce, and dispense marijuana products in the state. Question 2 additionally requires the Department to collect a 15 percent excise tax upon the wholesale value of marijuana sold by a marijuana cultivation facility in Nevada. The proceeds from the excise tax, less costs incurred by the Department of Taxation and counties, cities, and towns to carry out certain provisions of Question 2, must be deposited in the State Distributive School Account.


Ambra’s notes:


-Kevin Childs. Ignored restrictions to stay away from district properties, back in December of 2016 it was implemented. Why does he still have a seat on the board?

December 2016 article:

October 2017 article:

Petiton made against him over inapproprate comments:


-Pat Skorkowsky. Who is replacing him? Is it appointed or voted on?


-Who is running for school board? Eileen Eady, president of Together We Will, is running in district G, I believe.


-What is going on with all these school bus crashes? Since August of 2017, there have been 40 incidents.


Kyle’s Report

Filmed footage of Euphoria Dispensary and will be editing the PSA.


SB487 MJ Bill –


“Legislative Counsel’s Digest: Existing law imposes an excise tax at the rate of 2 percent upon each wholesale sale of marijuana by a cultivation facility, each wholesale sale of edible marijuana products or marijuana-infused products by a facility for the production of edible marijuana products or marijuana-infused products and each retail sale of marijuana, edible marijuana products or marijuana-infused products by a medical marijuana dispensary. (NRS 372A.290) Existing law also imposes an excise tax at the rate of 15 percent upon each wholesale sale of marijuana by a marijuana cultivation facility. (NRS 453D.500) Section 9 of this bill: (1) increases the rate of the excise tax on a wholesale sale of marijuana for medical use by a cultivation facility from 2 percent to 15 percent; (2) abolishes the excise tax on sales by a facility for the production of edible marijuana products or marijuana-infused products or a medical marijuana dispensary; and (3) imposes upon retail sales of marijuana or marijuana products by a retail marijuana store an excise tax at the rate of 10 percent of the sales price of the marijuana or product. Sections 1-8 and 10-14 of this bill make conforming changes. Section 3.5 of this bill requires each marijuana establishment and medical marijuana establishment to submit a report to the Department of Taxation that includes certain information concerning the production and sale of marijuana by the establishment. Existing law distributes 75 percent of the proceeds of the excise taxes on medical marijuana establishments to the State Distributive School Account in the State General Fund and 25 percent to pay the costs of the Division of Public and Behavioral Health of the Department of Health and Human Services in carrying out the laws of this State relating to medical marijuana establishments. (NRS 372A.290) Existing law also distributes the proceeds of the excise tax on marijuana cultivation facilities to the Department of Taxation and each locality to – 2 – – 79th Session (2017) pay for the costs of carrying out the laws of this State relating to recreational marijuana establishments, with any remainder to be deposited in the State Distributive School Account in the State General Fund. (NRS 453D.510) Section 9 of this bill revises the distribution of the proceeds of the excise tax imposed on wholesale sales of marijuana for medical use by a cultivation facility to another medical marijuana establishment to be similar to the distribution of the proceeds of the excise tax on a marijuana cultivation facility for the retail sale of marijuana or marijuana products. Section 9 also deems an amount of $5,000,000 from such excise taxes in each fiscal year to be sufficient to pay the costs of local governments to carry out the provisions of state law relating to the sale of marijuana for medical or other use. Finally, section 9 distributes the proceeds of the excise tax on the retail sale of marijuana to the Account to Stabilize the Operation of the State Government, also known as the Rainy Day Fund, in the State General Fund. “


I was unable to get any interview footage, but we can get some this week. We have great footage for the PSA doc. Some of the facts above need to be listed in the video.

From speaking to the Dispensary manager she had the idea of it all going to the rainy day fund, customers not so much. One guy knew it was going somewhere, because they “are always trying to hide stuff from us”.


Still trying to get a hold of a legislature working on the bill. I heard Tick Siegerbloom saying it is a great step for funding but wants the Governor to call a special session to properly fund education.