Rights Society Mental Health Meeting Agenda – 2/16/2018

Rights Society Mental Health Meeting Agenda – 2/16/2018

Action items from last meeting:

Organization = Org

MH = Mental Health Team

  • Org – Schedule Team Leader meeting
  • Org – Kyle – Give website access to Jon so he can assist in uploading agendas/meeting notes
  • Org – ALL: Review survey questions and provide input by TUESDAY FEBRUARY 13th so that we can send out the survey email on Wednesday
  • Org – Unassigned: Give Victoria and Sierra access to RS members folder – Done
  • Org – Sam or Kyle: import emails from Women’s March to SendInBlue
  • MH – Denise: get in touch with MH organization for event planning – Done
  • MH – Denise: work with Victoria on Thunderclap – Done
  • MH – Denise: send info for UNLV to Sue – Done
  • MH – Denise: email Mel about PBS involvement – Done

Agenda: Mental Health

  • Update on CSRT/CAN
  • Update on Nevada’s Marriage and Family Board
  • Update on Medicaid reimbursement issue
    • Panel
    • PSA
    • Thunderclap
  • Discuss and assign new actions


  • Discuss survey – We probably won’t have many responses yet but let’s try to complete it ourselves to make sure it’s easy to use

Team Updates:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Education

Update on coalition projects:

    • Book Drive
  • PLAN
  • MayDay planning
  • LVRMHC/Street Medics De-escalation Training

Open Discussion:

New Actions:


Saturday February 17th


  • Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective meeting at 6pm at Transcending the Gender Box 1140 Almond Tree Lane 89104


Monday February 19th


  • Mass Liberation meeting at 6pm at the PLAN offices 2330 Paseo Del Prado Building C, Suite 109



RSCJ Meeting AGENDA – 2018/02/09

Rights Society Criminal Justice Meeting Notes – 2/9/2018

Action items from last meeting:­

  • Sara to write update email and work with Alexander on survey
    • Update email was sent (email list?)
    • Survey is written – can be sent as soon as email situation is worked out
  • Kyle will work on member login for website – can this just be a password protected section?  Or do we actually have to have individual member accounts?
  • Schedule event as a dedicated time to vet resources (not at a specific location)
  • Create a plan for communications

Agenda: Criminal Justice

  • Update on Re-Entry Advocacy project
    • Debrief project meeting
    • Status report on other re-entry programs
      • Victoria, Shalom, Jon, Sara
    • Status report on resource vetting
      • Jonas, Nadia, Mark, Andre, Denise, Milena, Jordan, Ambra, Billie
    • Discuss new actions
  • Andre: update on half-way house and meeting with JW from NV CURE
  • Sara: brief update from Sara on meeting with P&P and NV CURE monthly meeting
  • Status update on BDR – exoneration research
  • Discussion of other goals, projects, research the CJ team is interested in doing (BDRs, events, etc.)


  • Kyle and Alexander: update on tech meeting
  • Jon: Status report on project management plan