Rights Society is human rights organization. We work on the issues that affect our local community through research and informative action.

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Rights Society is a 501(c)(4) human rights organization. We rely solely on our members and supports to fund our efforts. Funds go directly to operations such as website maintenance, email servers, event planning, and issue related expenses. Rights Society has no employees and is self funded by members and supporters. Thank you for your donation!

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Rights Society is a Human Rights Organization that works on the local issues.

Local Action. Local Change.

We love our communities and that is why we believe that we should never stop trying to improve them. At Rights Society we focus on the issues in our community that need improvement and we research, inform, and build community engagement to enact local change.

Research the Issues

Research the issues that are in the most desperate need of improvement.

Inform the Public

Inform the public through Town Halls, Video PSA’s, Forums and Social Media.

Build Community

Rights Society’s goal is to improve our communities on a local level.

Rights Society is non-profit human rights organization.

By donating to Rights Society, you are helping further our goals.

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